Just keep swimming.

Good morning friends. I hope you all are doing well on this Tuesday.

The weather here isn’t the best so i did yoga and meditation by the window instead of outside today. I’m still in pain so it’s low activity but i want to keep my body moving. I haven’t been drinking anything but water and my hot tea, meal prep is going great. I just want to be healthy, that’s not necessarily a number on the scale for me but to just get to where i am happy with myself again. I don’t want to do some crazy diet, I’ve been looking into keto and some others. I’m going to learn as much as i can and talk to my doctor before i make the decision.

Any feedback is appreciated.

That’s all for today. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Always be kind. Sending positive and healing vibes. πŸ’™ and if you need prayers/thoughts/well wishes/postive vibes send me a message and I’ll add you to my list!

anxiety, meditation

Singing bowl.

Good morning everyone. I hope you are doing well.

Ok so for some time now I’ve been researching meditation, singing bowls, essential oils and crystals for healing. I’ve suffered from anxiety my entire life and also have some invisible illness(I’ll get more into that in the next week or so) and heard that these items can help alot. I started meditating and loved how calm, at ease and focused i was after and i heard using a singing bowl with it could increase that feeling so i started looking into them.

I found the ohm store, it is co owned by Frank and Nikki, a brother and sister who started it back in 2015 because they wanted to bring old world healing techniques into the new world.

The ohm store!

Each om bowl passes through the hands of a Nepalese artisan who hand hammers each one individually. Each bowl has a different sound, energy and vibration.

As soon as i read all of this i was even more intrigued and wanted to learn more. I messaged them and got a fast response, the amazing siblings at the ohm store gave me alot of helpful information and sent me the original om singing bowl. I played around with it for a few minutes learning how it’s used. Once i got a feel for where the striker needed to be placed i heard the most beautiful sound. So i started to use it with meditation and yoga . I felt the most peace and harmony after that. I know everyone is different but this seriously left me anxiety free for longer then anything else i have EVER tried!

My beautiful original om singing bowl.

I also use this for prayer and affirmations. This bowl truly speaks to me. It helps clear my head and Brings me peace and calm, So i can journal and write freely. Now I can’t wait to order one of their beautiful handmade journals and medicine bowls.

Just a few of the many benefits.

Thank you so much the ohm store for helping educate and guide me and for sending me this beautiful piece. All of their pieces are one of a kind and absolutely beautiful, You all should check them out!

I hope you all have a beautiful day! Sending positive vibesπŸ’™


Sunday self care.

Good morning everyone. I hope you are well.

I have said before that since as far back as i can remember I’ve had anxiety. Later on when i was 10 or 11 i started having panic attacks and they have got worse with age. I try to get myself thru them and not rely on medication because i didn’t like the way it made me feel. And now that I’m older I’m finding ways that help me deal with anxiety and panic attacks. Self care isn’t just face masks and bathes, it means so much more to me now

It can be meditation, yoga, working out, reading, cleaning and organizing my home, watching a movie, being with friends or family, writing. To me self care is taking time for yourself to do something that calms you, puts you at ease and peace and is something you love.

My self care for today is meditation and yoga. Spending time with family. Reading a little then to end the night a nice lavender Epsom salt bath with a cup of tea.

I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful day. Sending positive vibes πŸ’™


Simple Saturday.

Good day all. I hope you are doing well.

Today has been pretty relaxing. I woke up did my meditation extended the time i did it for today, Tried yin yoga for the first time and i think I’m going to love it. thank you ashleyleia for the recommendation. My singing bowl came today, It’s beautiful I’m so excited to get started and practice. It will be added into my calm routine and in with meditation.

I am starting my meal prep tonight so far I’ve been staying on track but i think meal prep will help. I Just wish these stones and cold would go away so i could be on my routine 100%.

I hope you all have an amazing evening. Sending positive vibes to you all πŸ’™



Good morning friends!

I hope you all are doing well. It’s still pouring rain here. My anxiety isn’t too bad today i did my meditation already and i have to say i absolutely love it, it makes me feel so much better and my day seems to be less anxious(less panic attacks) i can’t wait to add in my singing bowl I’m so excited to learn and see how that helps. I really feel like i will stick with it this time, i always say oh I’m going to get in better shape then my anxiety and illness say no your not sit down. That’s why this time i wanted it to be mind, body and soul. I use the calm app and it’s fabulous. I do workouts at home until i can find something i like and I’m thinking about starting yoga.

If you do yoga what kind would you recommend for a beginner?

I hope you all have a magical weekend. Sending postive vibes. Be kind and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a friend to listen. πŸ’™


The little things.

Good morning friends and how are you?

I woke up, made my bed(Make it a habit!) Did my meditation and light workout. I think i have kidney stones again and with that and the rain it’s a perfect day to relax and read. I’m slowly seeing changes in myself and my body. I’m content with that. It’s the little things. Also I’m very interested in learning further about chakras, singing bowls/sound bathes and crystals. I’ve heard they are great for mental and physical health. Any information you have would be much appreciated.

I’ve started reading the emotional detox for anxiety by sherianna boyle. So far i love it and will add my review once i am finished.

I hope you all have a great day and remember if you need to talk/vent feel free to reach out. Everyone needs someone. Be kind!